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phew just finished making these icons I hope you'll like it.

->never hotlink
->credit when used
->comment if you have
->textless icons are not bases but if you
want to make alterations it's fine with me.

1-7: Dave Matthew's Band (1 animation)
8-18: Hugh Laurie (1 animation)
19-36: Taylor Hicks (2 animations)
37-41: Spiderman 3

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{AI} Elliott Yamin

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285 multi-fandom icons: '80s Movies, American Idol, Bride & Prejudice, Can't Hardly Wait, Disney, Friends, Gap Commercials, Queer As Folk, Step Up/Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewan, Taye Diggs/Idina Menzel, Two Weeks Notice, Veronica Mars, Vin Diesel/Michelle Rodriguez, What I Like About You

Includes: Ace Young, Taylor Hicks, Elliott Yamin, Ryan Seacrest, Paula Abdul, Justin Guarini, Season 1, Season 5, etc.

• Please comment & credit (tutorial) either blackbird_fly and/or geeksinthepink.
• Please don't hotlink, edit, or pass off as your own.
• Please friend the community if you like the icons. :)
• These are cross-posted everywhere, so many apologies in advance for killing friends pages.

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[21] Taylor Hicks
[23] Stock (various)
[11] Emilie de Ravin
[12] Hook
[18] Lord of the Rings (various)
[5] Jack Davenport/Norrington



After coming home from the amazing Atlanta concert, I was inspired. Anyway, I love comments, and please credit if you take! =)